Dayton Top 100 release always a fun day

By Jim Dabbelt

We are one week away from the one day that I look forward to more than any other leading up to the start of the girls basketball season.

It is the day where I get to promote the most players at once, and keep the already-bright spotlight on the Dayton area.

Next Sunday is the annual release of the Dayton Top 100 player ratings, which I started 15 years ago. It has grown over the years, and now encompasses over 100 players (even though it is still called ‘Top 100’), which gives the area players a positive standard to live up to on the basketball court.

In the past, we have done a banquet, which I am not doing this year. We have also done a radio release, which may still happen this year.

But the most important thing is that so many kids get recognized in a basketball area that is second to none in Ohio…the Miami Valley. There are often parts of Ohio that may have a better player, or a better team, but in my opinion, there is no place like Dayton in Ohio with more tradition and collection of talented players.

With that said, the Dayton Top 100 will be released on the afternoon of November 18, the time is still TBA. Also, the Freshman to Watch list will be released that day also, along with possibly a new group of players known as the Breakout Stars, a listing of players who I feel will make a name for themselves on the court this season.

I am always told how excited the players get when they see their name in lights so to speak, among the top 100+ kids in the area. But for the elite players, it gets even better.

The Miami Valley Fab 50 is a very special list also, filled with the elite kids who many of them will get some of all of their college paid for. For the Fab 50, I will be posting those kids with a short evaluation of their game for the fans and college coaches to enjoy.

However, this does NOT mean if you do not make the Fab 50 that you won’t get a scholarship. These are just the players who, right now, I feel are the elite of the group in the Dayton area.

Also a reminder, in February I will be posting the Dabbelt Report All-Area teams, which are a first and second-team in each division. I tell kids many times that just because you are on the Fab 50 does not guarantee you a spot on all-area after the season. But just as important, you can definitely make the post-season team even if you are not recognized on the pre-season list. It happens every year.

So how do players get seen for this preseason ranking?  Many of the players are returning off of a good year last year, while others I saw during the summer or fall which included the Dayton Shootout. However unlike many of the guys who attempt to create lists of top players, I won’t leave kids off based on where they go to high school, or who they play AAU for, or if you attend my event or not. The best of the best will be recognized next weekend.

Stay tuned later next week for more details on the release times for everything, as we prepare to recognize the best in the Miami Valley!