The 2019 Power Shift hosted by Sports City U Basketball Academy

Sophie Aldridge (Barboursville)- the youngest player in the gym, but very talented. Great handles, deep range, just needs to develop more north-south movement pattern to go by her defender. Can create for herself and for others. Can shoot off the dribble and uses her weak hand well, Handles pressure well, good coordination and stamina.

Leah Butterbaugh (Waynesville)- excellent leadership skills, gets to the rim well and can finish with either hand. Can take over a game when she wants to and is physically strong. Needs to work more on going left with her game and develop a more consistent outside shot. A natural winner, can step up to the challenge.

Anna Durbin (West Greene)- physically strong player, plays going right better than to the left, needs to develop a better left sided game. A mobile athlete, with good potential to become a very solid player. A catch-and-shoot player who needs to get into the gaps and create a 1-2 dribble pull-up.

Haley Crozier (Springboro)- an excellent catch-and-shoot type of player with good handles. Excellent court awareness. Always one of the hardest worker in the gym, getting better every time I see her. What will separate her is creating in the halfcourt set and getting the shot consistently. Impressive on-ball defense.

Bailey Eddleman (Claymont)- has improved her game this summer with good upside.
Good handles and shoots best in the open court. Hard worker on the floor, but needs to work on being more versatile and seeing the floor. Good shooter just needs confidence. Solid passer and a solid team player. Coachable and accepts criticism.

Kennedy Gadson (Chaminade Julienne)- the queen of the stepback jumper going left. Smooth outside catch-and-shoot jumper. Super quick player who is deceptive with her ability to change gears, accelerates and decelerates well. Just needs to balance out her game with more of a right sided option. Young and will get better as she get older, only going to be a freshman.

Paige Gaynier (Delphos St. John)- this Northwest Ohio player has good handles, is a good catch-and-shoot player, and penetrates into the gaps well. Needs to develop a shot to go with her penetration. Very good court IQ, good overall skill package. Would improve her game if she works on creating shots off of the dribble in a half court set.

Braylynn Haines (Leesburg Fairfield Local)- a strong, good sized multidimensional guard who can go inside or out, good handles, and can get to the rim but tends to always turn to the right side. Has a good shot, and can increase the speed of her shot by working on her footwork. She has a good first move to go be her defender, just needs to become consistent with her finishing.

Kennedy Harvel (Floyd Central)- great handles and a solid shooter. Hard worker who needs to develop a take-over-the-game attitude. She is a great finisher with a variation of moves at the rim. Deep range from the perimeter. Great upside with a great work ethic, she is al business and gets it done. Needs to improve on creating a shot off the pull-up.

Ameila Herrmann (Quaker Valley)- aggressive strong player who plays mostly back-to-the-basket. Needs to develop a face-up game from the elbows to the corners. Needs better half court game and develop 1-on-1 moves to be a more efficient scorer. Keep working on catch-and-shoot game. Strong at the rim and a nose for the ball. Just goes out there and outworks people.

Emily Hutchinson (Grace Christian)- good all around player with solid handles, A great perimeter shot with deep range and can create. Legit point guard who controls the game with a good shooting touch. Can close out the game at the line with consistent free throw shooting. Distributes the ball well and can score if needed. Brings out the best in her teammates and makes them better.

Taylor Isaac (Summers County)- this kid is a rising junior with a lot of upside. Very deep range, good midrange, goes right better than left. Sees the court well, needs to work on finishing at the rim consistently. Can put the game away at the free throw line, consistent. Strong, quick player with good handles. Sees the court well and handles pressure. Good speed and quickness.

Kasey Kimbler (Green)- an athletic point guard who sees the court well, can get in the gaps and hit the shot. Needs to develop more action going left. Has deep range and is crafty on the floor. She knows how to use screens, can finish at the rim well and just needs to improve her midrange.

Kendall Knisely (Bellbrook)- an athletic slasher who can create well. Gets in the gaps and seams well. Reminds the staff of Kelley Austria the way she plays. Good mechanics around the rim. She needs to work on developing a more steady outside shot, and needs consistency with her footwork. Good court awareness.

Madelyn Laird (Pine-Richland)- Like most post players in the gym on this day, she needs a better face-up game. Good back-to-the-basket player, and if you let her catch the ball down low, you are in trouble. Good midrange jumper and if she adds a good 1-on-1 move off a 2-foot finish, she will be hard to stop and a matchup problem. Great length. Continuing to improve!

Heather Long (Dayton Ponitz)- this leftie improved her game from one year ago, seemed to have more confidence in her game. She is a deceiving player with good handles and sees the court well. Very deep range, will shoot from anywhere. She needs to develop her shooting off the angles and develop a better pull-up game. She goes to the rim well, and can create a bump and get to the line to score.

Hazley Matthews (Grace Christian)- one of the best incoming freshman I have seen. Great overall game, handles well with both hands, sees the court well. Can see and react quickly in game situations. Good catch and shoot player, attacks the gaps and seams, quick passing release. Dangerous in transition. Needs to develop a better north/south halfcourt set.

Kennedy Miller (Western Reserve)- she has the total game. Handles, passes and shoots well with good court awareness and runs well in transition. Great court awareness, solid finishing at the rim. Tough hard nosed kid who excelled in the 1-on-1 competition. Needs to work on getting into the gaps and creating shots.

Katie Moore (Floyd Central)- rising junior who is a strong player physically and has good mental toughness. Good combo guard who rebounds well for a guard. Can score on anyone off the dribble and in a half court setting. Total overall game, plays bigger than her size. Loves contact. Needs to work on her shot and get more consistent range.

Mallory Mullen (Springfield Catholic Central)- super athletic kid, probably the most athletic in the gym. Unbelievable hops. Needs to develop a better face-up game instead of always back to the basket. Work on her footwork to be more in line with her jumping ability. Her upside is incredible once she develops. Great rebounder and great upside for her.

Madison Petro (Gallia Academy)- Strong post game, plays with back to the basket. Needs to develop a face-up game off the block. She has a good outside shot but doesn’t utilize it enough. Needs to just go by people, not outrun them. Showed flashes at times, needs to be more consistent. Could work on being more versatile and work on foot speed. Strong tough rebounder.

Sara Reis (Kettering Alter)- A catch and shoot player who needs to continue to work on her form. Would improve her game by attacking the basket more than she does. When she got there, she finished well. Good in the half court, gets into the gaps and seams. Good overall skills, needs to mix up her spots on the floor to become less predictable. Good work ethic.

Kaitlyn Seibel (Dayton Stebbins)- a back to the basket player but for her height she is pretty versatile. Shoots well from the perimeter. Needs to develop a face-up game from the elbow to the short corner. Quicker than most post players. Needs to develop her game where she turns and reads the defender and make the decision, get to the rim with a 2 foot finish. Once she does this she will be difficult to defend.

Jordyn Smoot (Springfield Catholic Central)- a younger player with tremendous work ethic. She is strong to the right side and can create off the dribble. Needs to work on attacking north and south, and to develop a better game going left. Bright future for this Springfield area player.

Gracee Stewart (Miami Trace)- she has good handles and is a physically strong player. She will get in your face, sees the court well and is a very good team player. A confident player with a good attitude. Needs to learn to create in a 1 or 2 dribble situation and work on a consistent shot. Good prospect who will get better.

Danielle Vuletich (Berlin Center Western Reserve)- a long, multi-talented player who can step out and score or play back to the basket. Needs to consistently develop a midrange shot off a face-up position. She keeps the ball up and utilized her length. Great timing on her shot blocking, and has great work ethic. If she develops a face-up game with a two-foot finish, she will be very difficult to defend.

Samantha Wells (Grace Christian)- versatile player with good height and skill set. Can be a potential nightmare matchup problem. Can score from deep, finish strong at the midrange or score at the rim. Good handles, needs to develop more of a left sided game and develop a 1-on-1 face up 1 or 2 dribble move. Physical and strong player who can play any position. Good rebounder.