2018 Dayton Shootout

2018 Dayton Shootout Info

The 2018 Dayton Shootout is set for Sunday, September 16 at Bethel High School. Many of the top girls basketball players, both already on the radar and some who look to land on the radar, will be participating in this special event. With no Division 1 evaluation weekend, the Dayton Shootout is considered the top fall event in Ohio this year.

Here are the highlights for those participating:

-90 players, 9 teams of 10 and each team will play four games.

The morning session will be a two-hour training session with five current/former professional players, and among the elite names to ever play in the state of Ohio.  Among the trainers scheduled to appear:

Katie Smith, 3-time Olympic gold medalist and the all-time leading scorer in professional womens basketball history. The Ohio State graduate is considered the most decorated womens basketball player in Ohio history. Currently the head coach of the New York Liberty.

Lauren Prochaska, the all-time leading scorer in Bowling Green State Univ. history, and among the top 10 NCAA Division 1 all-time free throw percentage leaders. She was also MAC Player of the Year twice in her career. Lauren was also in camp with the Seattle Storm.

Brandie Hoskins, a graduate of The Ohio State University, also played numerous season overseas for a solid professional career. Hoskins was among the nations top players during her time with the Buckeyes and was drafted by the Seattle Storm.

D’wan Shackleford-Vickroy, played both volleyball and basketball at The Ohio State University, and was among the top post players in the nation during her time in Columbus. She played professionally in Sweeden, and currently is among the elite trainers in the Midwest.

Terrance Dials is a former player with The Ohio State University and graduated in 2006 as the Big Ten Player of the Year. Dials, who scored 1,566 points at the collegiate level, also played professionally several years overseas.

-The Dayton Shootout will be livestreaming all of the games on the main court for college coaches to view, either live on on-demand. Players will also be able to send out the link to their games to coaches following the event.

-Each team will play 4 games in the afternoon, with two of their games on the livestreamed main court at Bethel.

-College coaches will gain free admission and a college coaches booklet for attending the event, along with a hospitality room.

-Each player will receive two t-shirts, one numbered shirt to use during their training/games, and one to wear after the event.

-Jim Dabbelt will be doing live Periscope/Twitter player interviews throughout the weekend.

-The schedule for the Dayton Shootout will be as follows:

* 9:00-11:00am  Training Session

*11:00-11:30am  Lunch & speaker

*11:45-5:00  Evaluation games


FINAL confirmed list for the Dayton Shootout

1 S. Bushong

2 K. Bushong

3 K. McNeal

4 M. Fearon

5 E. Newton

6 G. Elliott

7 C. LaCrosse

8 S. Wiley

9 Ki. Watson

10 Ka. Watson

11 A. Sperry

12 C. Hunt

13 A. Suarez

14 M. Laird

15 R. Ware

16 A. Redman

17 S. Heath

18 E. Mason

19 T. Roop

20 C. Prenger

21 V. Muhlankamp

22 E. Doseck

23 R. Heitkamp

24 N. McDowell-Jackson

25 L. Legate

26. S. Sonneman

27. M. Morris

28. S. Pavoni

29 M. Haney

30 Ma. Downing

31 Me. Downing

32 M. Ross

33 K. O’Daniel

34 T. Harness

35 M. Gray

36 D. Martin

37 B. Call

38 A. Dickson

39 B. Kindrick

40 L. Siler

41 O. Patch

42 E. Dretke

43 K. Blake

44 Mac. Taylor

45 Mak. Taylor

46 M. Mullen

47 M. Foster

48 K. Dingee

49 S. Earhart

50 O. Majors

51 K. Dickison

52 Ken. George

53 Kel. George

54 A. Landing

55 K. Ahner

56 E. Bender

57 A. Lovejoy

58 K. Paul

59 A. Cable

60 T. Porter

61 K. Clodfelter

62 H. Crozier

63. K. Hoffman

64 E. Hess

65 J. Hoying

66 K. Hale

67 C. Nichols

68 A. Hutchison

69 K. Millerton

70 E. Allen

71 D. Kunk

72 E. Cannon

73. J. Rogers

74 A. Mader

75 A. Vaughn

76 K. Folley

77 A. Peterson

78 H. Mayo

79 S. Reis

80 I. Wolf

81 P. Warnecke

82 B. Stonebraker

83 M. Saunders

84 I. Cassoni

85 A. Smith

86 Am. Freeman

87 Ad. Freeman

88 L. Reittinger

89 P. Griffitts

90 T. Stanley