2018 Dayton Shootout

2018 Dayton Shootout Registration Form

Registration underway for the 2018 Dayton Shootout

It’s time to get registered for the 2018 Dayton Shootout, which will be held in the fall for top players in not only the Dayton area, but throughout Ohio.

Again this year, the event will be held at Bethel High School on Sunday, September 16 starting at 9 AM. The morning session will include high-level skill work, and in the afternoon, the players will play in two games used to evaluate their game. Each player who participates, whether they are Dayton kids or not, will go into a college coaches book that will be distributed to every college in the region. Also in 2018, we will be live streaming all of the main-court games for college coaches to view!

As an added bonus for those who are from the Dayton area, it will be their final chance to get placed in the prestigious Dayton Top 100 which comes out in November.

With the fall NCAA Division 1 evaluation period now gone, and the OGBR Top 64 event moving back to July, you have a chance to be a part of what will now be considered the premiere girls basketball event in Ohio during the fall!

Here are some of the highlights for the Dayton Shootout this fall:

-We will be live streaming the afternoon evaluation games that are played on the main court, and every team will get to play at least one game on the main court. It will be a great opportunity to allow coaches to watch the event, or on demand.

-The morning training session will conducted by former college basketball legends from Ohio, themed toward a college skillset and practice atmosphere.

-Every college coach in the region will receive a complimentary copy of the coaches book.

-We are planning a roundtable during lunch with guest speakers on various aspects of the game.

Reminder, we are only taking 80 players so get your registration in soon!


Confirmed for the Dayton Shootout (as of May 23)

1 S. Bushong

2 K. Bushong

3 K. McNeal

4 M. Fearon

5 E. Newton

6 G. Elliott

7 C. LaCrosse

8 S. Wiley

9 Ki. Watson

10 Ka. Watson

11 A. Sperry

12 C. Hunt

13 A. Suarez

14 M. Laird

15 R. Ware

16 A. Redman

17 S. Heath

18 E. Mason

19 T. Roop

20 C. Prenger

21 V. Muhlankamp

22 E. Doseck

23 R. Heitkamp

24 N. McDowell-Jackson

25 L. Legate

26. S. Sonneman

27. N. Sims

28. S. Pavoni

29. M. Haney

30. Ma. Downing

31. Me. Downing