Pittsburgh Girls Basketball

PA Future Stars Event

The Dabbelt Report was represented at the recent PA Future Stars event at Penn Hills High School, with several top players from Western PA and surrounding areas participating in the event. Here is a look at some of the top performers:


Nya Nicolson – 2021 Winchester Thurston 5’11”

Confident athlete, was all over the court. Nice hands, finds rebounds, runs court easily. Strong Hands, shot well, needs to push range and shooting off the pull up, but a dominant all around weekend.

Emina Selminovic – 2021 McDowell 5’11”

Active player, good jumper, despite large knee brace – plays with High IQ, really active. Needs to stretch range – solid offensive player inside 15’, needs to work on consistency beyond the free throw line.

Lizzie Groetsch – 2021 North Allegheny 5’11”

Showed why she is holding several Division 1 offers. Runs the offense efficiently, uses both hands well. Looks to score and efficient with the ball. Shows nice stroke out past 3 point line. Smart player.

Emily Starn – 2022 Fairmont 5’4”

A bit of a surprise – 2022 has a number of really good point guards and she was able to stand out a good portion of day 1. She is quick, smart and made shots from all 3 levels.

Emily Anthony – 2022 West Middlesex 5’5”

Another elite 2022 point guard, outstanding hustle player, great on ball and passing lane defender, was very disruptive. Best pick and roll passer at event, drives the land fearlessly, needs to look to shoot from perimeter more often, she has a nice looking repeatable stroke, but looks to set teammates up. Goes low and uses strong base to rebound her position very well.

Reese Hasley – 2022 Deer Lakes 5’5”

Played on a same team as the Emily’s and managed to make some plays of her own. Strong build, fearless, high IQ. Laser like shooter, but needs more arc from distance but balls go in. Smart defender who uses body very well to keep offensive players away from where they want to go.

Emma Ruhlman – 2022 Warren 5’9”

Smart, sees court very well. Non-stop hustle, puts herself in right position to make basketball plays. Has nice shot that is a little off shoulder but is really efficient and consistent from 17’.

Reilly Sunday – 2022 Moon Area 5’9”

The highest rated of the 2022 point guards in Pittsburgh Area. Mature basketball IQ, elite court vision, can finish pass with either hand in traffic. Gets to any area of court and can make teammates look really good. Improving scorer, drives hard, uses both hands and is developing a more consistent 3 point stroke. She has several Division 1 offers and she showed why all weekend.

Bailey Kuhns – 2022 West Moreland 5’11”

Smart player, plays really hard. Understands positioning and uses her body very well. Improving face up game. Nice shot inside 14’ with form to push that deeper.

Jessica Bickart – 2022 Seneca Valley 5’9”

Active player, sees the court at elite level. Finds herself in right place a lot, a lot of 50/50 balls find their way to her. Has a really nice double behind the back move, and really nice shot and high release point out past 3 point line.

Alivia Thompson – 2021 Blackhawk 5’10”

Easy runner, fast moves very well without the ball. Has nice catch and shoot ability out to 3 point range. Finds points on just running court. Right hand dominant on perimeter will have to show more with the dribble for next level, but long athlete with soft touch a lot to like.

Hannah McDanel – 2021 Mohawk 5’7”

Hustle player, makes good things happen around her by always being in the fray. Wins 50/50 situations with regularity, does a lot of things that helps her team win.

Maddy Trainer – 2021 Thomas Jefferson 5’7”

Catch and shooter shooter with deep range – good athlete and runs floor well, moves well without the ball, right hand dominant – needs to work on left hand.

Elizabeth “Biz” Watson – 2022 North Allegheny 5’10”

Good court awareness, handles ball with poise. Developing offensive game both shooting and off the bounce. Really thin, but as she grows into her frame there is a lot of skills there to work with. Can shoot out to 3 and posses some sneaking post moves and is a natural in the high post.

A’Lysa Sledge – 2021 Penn Hills 5’10”

Strong Athlete, poised. Physical rebounder, confident on the floor. Offensive game is mostly around the rim using her athleticism and strength, shot needs work. Right hand dominant, powerful dribbler.

Peyton Pinkney – 2021 Woodland Hills 5’11”

One of the more improved players coming out of the summer. Solid athlete, does everything well, but is playing with more confidence and pushing some areas to excellent. Runs the court easily. Looks to score more than when we’ve previously seen her to good results.

Corynne Hauser – 2022 Rochester 5’7”

If there is competition for the best 2022 point guard to Reilly it is Corynne Hauser. Makes basketball look easy, thin but deceptively strong, sees court well, leads bad offensive players to places they can be successful. Fun to watch, seems to be playing chess with the ball in her hands. Unselfish.

Piper Reck – 2022 Taylor Allderdice 5’4”

Energy bug, small and thin, but gets in the middle and scraps. Surprising ability to finish through contact, makes plays with pure hustle.

Emma Dziezgowski – 2022 Bethel Park 5’7”

Smart player, powerful guard. Makes right pass and right basketball play. Sees court well and has high basketball IQ. Finds space to get shot off, and uses elite balance and lower body strength to score inside. Good defender with power and awareness, needs to work on lateral quickness for next level.

Rachel Wobrak – 2020 Belle Vernon 5’10”

Multi-skilled player, has nice shot from beyond 3, but can use body to finish inside. More catch and shoot than create on offensive side, but and excellent half court player as she sees the court well in controlled environment.

Kennedee Montoue – 2021 Plum 5’10”

Long, powerful athlete. Can cover a lot of ground quickly. Streaky shooter, drives hard with the right hand. Needs to finish through contact better, ball has tendency to stop when it gets to her as she looks to take advantage of her superior athleticism.

Hope Cook – 2022 Indiana 5’6”

Smart, strong point guard – has deep range and can drive and finish strong with right hand. Joy to watch, hustles plays strong defense, needs to work on her pull up and improve her perimeter speed. But another example of the strong 2022 guard play.

Isabellah DiNardo – 2022 Kennedy Catholic 5’9”

Smart player, puts herself in good position to make plays, constant motion. Solid basketball player, makes basketball plays and does everything to make the game easier for others. Winner.

Jaida Parker – 2022 Tyrone 5’9”

Superior quickness, emerging basketball skills, makes things happen with her speed. Developing skills but helps teams by making things happen with just effort and speed. Has a variety of finishes inside, ball finds the basket.

Amelia Herrmann – 2022 Quaker Valley 5’11”

Hustles, human pick – physical and uses her body to help team. Needs to catch and finish in traffic better. Takes it strong to basket with left hand and shoots comfortably from 3.

Breanna Wilson – 2020 Parkersburg 5’11”

Strong, Powerful multi-dimensional game. Excellent post footwork, creates space and finishes well inside. Scores easily from inside 15’ in multitude of ways, nice face up and one dribble shot. Good basketball IQ, operates the game with poise. Deep range off catch and shoot. Perimeter shot is slow and unorthodox but goes in, coaches on next level will work to smooth and speed that up.

Nyla Rozier – 2021 Shady Side Academy 5’11”

Runs court well, and finds away to finish at rim. Active, nice player. Plays facing the basket and has a nice set of moves inside 15’. Will need to expand offensive game off the bounce and attacking handling past 1 dribble.

Dani Vuletich – 2021 Western Reserve 6’3”

Tall, Skilled player. Agile for 6’3”, passes well facing basket, runs court and cleans up messes. Quick to the ball, has nice shot out to 15’, with occasional 3 point ability. Has plan when she puts ball on the court. As strength improves sky is limit, she does a lot of basketball right.

Graci Fairman – 2022 Thomas Jefferson 5’5”

Point guard with some sizzle, plays hard, has good range, plays the game with some bounce in her step, uses both hands well. High IQ guard who plays full throttle, throws body around.

Natalie Jasper – 2021 The Ellis School 5’5”

Quick heady guard. Strong going left, changes speeds effectively keeps defenders off balance, and attacks the basket. Needs to improve her shooting consistency.

Jolie Strati – 2021 Blackhawk 5’10”

Plays with constant motion, active, chases down rebounds and keeps ball alive. Transitions in a blink. Good catch and shoot out to 17’. Needs to be a more confident ball handler.

Ashley Durig – 2021 Trinity 5’7”

Plays full speed with toughness every second. Changes games atmosphere with sweat, scraps, dives and wrestles. Makes basketball plays. Has good all around skills, active on D, uses body to rebound, makes smart decisions off the bounce, and solid shooter to 17’. Total is greater than sum of parts, really nice player and great teammate.

Aislin Malcolm – 2022 Chartiers Valley 5’10”

Holds Power5 offers and it makes sense. Advanced offensive skill set, scores at 3 levels off bounce, catch and shoot, and by moving without ball. Has DEEP range, uses her balance and body to take defenders off the bounce and finishes in lane with either hand. Long and plays in balance. When she is rolling is nearly unstoppable. Needs to work on creating for her teammates, hitting cutters, makes easy pass – more hockey assist type.

Jocelyn Luzier – 2022 Highlands 6’1”

Big player, uses her body well, hustles. Right hand dominant, and needs to learn to finish through contact. Growing.

Olivia West – 2022 Seneca Valley 5’11”

Powerful player, hustles. Forward who feels more comfortable facing the basket, best from 17’ in for the pull up or the 1-2 dribble right and power drive and finish. Not afraid of contact, strong. Battles for loose balls and is willing to get on floor. Nice shooting stroke.

Stellanie Loutison – 2022 Canon MacMillan 5’9”

Smooth long athlete. Uses her body to get space and create shot. She has deep range, scores inside in unorthodox angles, but ball finds a home. Has deep range and is in full time attack mode with full speed forays to the basket. Fast, needs to show intensity at both ends, and keep her teammates involved.

Hallie & Helene Cowan – 2022 Chartiers Valley 5’8”

Long, lean, tough perpetual motion players. They run court, catch everything have great body control to finish or make the play. Defensive Dynamo’s who chase passing lanes. Streaky shooters with deep range, Helene being a little more consistent on this skill. I hate to rate twins together but playing on same team and with amazingly similar skillsets make separating them tough.

Hannah Roberts – 2021 St. Joseph Central Catholic 6’0”

High basketball IQ, surprisingly nimble. Uses her body to create space, finishes inside, has nice hands and catches everything in her wingspan. Comfortable with set shot from beyond 3. Nice player.

Daniela Shaughnessy – 2022 Villa Maria Academy 5’9”

Tough player who does everything well. Initiates contact, punishes people who lose concentration on Defense. Really High Basketball IQ, great court vision for simple passes. Uses dribble to create angles and space. Consistent jump shot to 17’, makes basketball easy for her teammates. You end up checking her number a lot, a basketball junkie’s player – just makes right play consistently.

Melina Maietta – 2020 Greensburg Central Catholic 5’9”

Always looking to attack offensively, possess deep range. Plays the game aggressively. Transitions to offense very quickly. Tough player.

Grace Hutson – 2022 St. Joseph Central Catholic 5’10”

Nice Guard, strong, smooth, long athlete. Moves effortlessly with bounce. Has deep range off the dribble for the pull up and off catch and shoot. Changes speed and attacks basket in a flash. Rebounds outside her area and ignites the break. Needs some work going left, plays with emotion and energy.

Sofia Genareo – 2021 Southwestern 5’9”

Tough, Physical smart player. Uses body to create space can score in a variety of ways. Makes basketball plays, position defender. Has nice shot to 17’, finishes plays around rim. Ball Sticks to hands, catches rebounds.

Julia Preservati – 2022 St Joseph Central Catholic 5’3”

Exciting player, deep range, tough. Quick and sticks her nose in to every play. Plays the game at 100 mph, increases game energy when she is in.