Dabbs Dining Delights

This page was created for all of you who have to travel to basketball games, and want to grab a bite before or after a game. What will be focused on will be the small-town restaurants ot the mom-and-pop placed in your city that a traveling basketball guest can enjoy.


* Those highlighted with an asterick are places Jim has personally visited. The rest are recommendations from other players, parents or fans. DISCLAIMER- The phone numbers are all included to call in advance to assure their hours of operation.


Luigi’s- 105 N. Main St., Akron OH      (330) 253-2999


The Whistle Stop- 200 S. Main St., Ansonia OH 45303     (937) 337-4101


*Picnics Pizza- 3 E. Woodside Dr., Arcanum OH     (937) 692-6112 “Always stop here when hitting a game at Arcanum. Great pizza, solid menu”


The Inn Between- 16488 County Road 25A, Botkins OH  45306   (937) 693-8043


Buffalo Jacks- 137 S. High St., Covington OH 45318     (937) 473-2524


Mom’s Restaurant- 1111 William C Good Blvd, Franklin OH    (937) 746-0150


*Maid-Rite- 125 N. Broadway St., Greenville OH   (937) 548-9340  “A staple when it comes to popular restaurants. A must stop when in town”

Lewisburg (Tri County North games)

*Sarah Pizza- 219 E. Cumberland St., Lewisburg OH     (937) 962-2621   “Comfortable place a couple blocks from school. Recommended”


Kewpees- 1350 Bellefontaine Ave., Lima OH      (419) 229-1385

Beer Barrel- 2625 W. Market St., Lima OH       (419) 229-6211

Nashville TN (AAU trip in July)

Loveless Cafe- 8400 Tennessee Highway 100, Nashville TN        (615) 646-9700

Pitsburg (Franklin Monroe games)

*Pitsburg Pizza Grill- 127 N. Jefferson St., Pitsburg OH     (937) 692-8984  “Great selection, comfortable atmosphere.”

South Charleston

Purple Monkey- 25 W. Mound St., South Charleston OH      (937) 462-8440

Tipp City

*Hinders- 902 W. Main Sr., Tipp City OH      (937) 667-4433   “Best wings you will have”

*Harrisons- 106 E. Main St., Tipp City OH     (937) 667-5200  “Pricier sit-down place”

*Sam & Ethels- 120 E. Main St., Tipp City OH   (937) 667-0113  “Excellent home cooked meal”


25A-Cafe- 1469 S. County Rd 25A, Troy OH 45373       (937) 335-0244


Sideliner Sports Bar & Grill- 17 E. Main St., Versailles OH  45380     (937) 526-9055

The Inn at Versailles- 21 W. Main St., Versailles OH 45380    (937) 526-3020

Platty’s Sports Bar & Grill- 39 E Main St., Versailles OH 45380    (937) 827-0263

West Liberty

*Gathering Place- 111 N. Detroit St., West Liberty OH  43357      (937) 465-3081  “Great hometown place to eat when in town for West Liberty Salem game”

*Tiger Hut- 412 W. Baird St., West Liberty OH 43357    (937) 650-7440. “Excellent pizza and subs. Another outstanding place to eat when visiting Logan County”