Dayton Shootout CONFIRMED players

(confirmed through 7/30/22)

Here is an updated list of the players confirmed for the Dayton Shootout scheduled for Sunday, Sept. 11. Reminder, to be confirmed a deposit must be received in addition to filling out the online registration.

(Session 1 confirmed)- S. Altstaetter, B. Asher, S. Bardonaro, K. Berrey, H. Boeke, K. Bondurant, L. Brewer, J. Burke, E. Conyers, C. Downing, L. Dady, L. Dalraine, M. Dixon, T. Dye, E. Earl, L. Eysoldt, C. Foust, A. Fritz, A. Gillem, E. Grim, R. Hodson, B. Houillion, A. Hundley, A. Kinney, L. Koenig, G. Larson, A. Leber, K. Litten, G.Martin, B. Mattox, A. Meyer, A. Melzer, C. McDowell, K. Moore, J. Mueller, M. Mueller, K. Neff, B. Noland, I. Painter, A. Pate, J. Ritchie, A. Ryan, A. Sarver, A. Scheffer, J. Scully, J. Smoot, S. Spangler, R. Stringer, O. Trusty, A. Updyke, S. Updyke, Ash. Williams, Ava Williams, J. Young (54)

(Session 2 confirmed)- K. Baker, K. Barnitz, A. Bowden, P. Bruns, E. Clary, A. Combs, E. Combs, G. Cosgrove, M. Czarnecki, A. Davis, T. Farris, A. Haupt, B. Haywood, A. Johnson, K. Maier, N. McElhaney, M. Meek, T. Mize, P. Mounce, M. Mussleman, K. Norman, M. Oliver, K. Palomino, M. Payne, K. Pham, A. Roark, P. Shafer. T. See, P. Straub, O. Truesdell, A. Unrast, A. West, A. Whitaker, T. Woodbury (34)