Confirmed for Dayton Shootout

Please check back often to see who is confirmed for the Dayton Shootout, Sept. 19 at Bethel HS.

Reminder, to be confirmed, a deposit or full payment must be sent to secure your spot for the event.

H. Hunt; C. Lehman, S. Spangler, A. Lloyd, K. Black, A. Mowen, A. Heitkamp, S. Altstaetter, R. Hodson, M. Dixon, K. Moore, S. Morris, A. Stueve, M. Lute, M. Mullen, P. Mounce, S. Aldridge, S. Bardonaro, G. Bower, L. Eysoldt, M. Rose, M. Mastin, H Unger, R. Homan, A. Ryan, J. Moore, A. Kramer, A. Wade, M. Lindesmith, A. Kinney, P. Hunley, E. Platfoot, T. Scohy, K. Griffin, M. Musselman, T. Ng, M. Patterson, M. Meek, A. Walther, M. Mueller, A. Robinson, L. Mescher, B. Nelson, C. Nelson, M. Smith, A. Haupt, M. Ross, O. Skillings, M. Payne, J. Smoot, A. Williams, M. Dixon (IL), J. McDavid, R. Smith, M. Briscoe, C. Harrington, K. George, M. Roark, L. Brewer