SCU Elite Day, August 29

For the first time, Sports City U and Jim Dabbelt will team up for a special one-day event on Saturday August 29 which will bring together some top players for small training sessions to be live-streamed to dozens of college coaches. The event will be held at the Sports City U Academy complex in Hurricane, Wva.

The SCU Elite Day will have 5 players each hour go through a college workout with Jim Clayton and that will be streamed to the coaches to be able to view their skillset. In today’s uncertain time, this is the most logical way to get the word out to coaches by streaming events.

You get one full hour of college training to showcase yourself to colleges. There will be no hiding among 100 kids, only 5 kids meaning you will have to bring your game. When your hour is complete, you can utilize the auxillary gym to use their Guns and work on your game for another hour.

You need to reach out to me by text at (937) 476-7310 with your name and desired workout time. Only 5 players will be scheduled for each hour. As you commit, I will add you to this master list. The times are first come, first serve!

Cost is $75 for the SCU Elite Day, payable when you arrive for the event.

9:00-10:00 FULL

  1. Julie Boone
  2. Alana Eves
  3. Carly Maple
  4. Addie Lloyd
  5. Ronnie Samons

10:15-11:15 FULL

  1. Katie Moore
  2. Kamryn Shannon
  3. Kennedy Harvel
  4. Cadence Stewart
  5. Grace Martin

11:30-12:30 FULL

  1. Sophia Aldridge
  2. Jadyn Smith
  3. Dawson Moore
  4. Braden Moore
  5. Brady Buck

12:45-1:45 FULL

  1. Hazley Matthews
  2. Kiana Dauwe
  3. Tanner Hall
  4. Taylor Farris
  5. Jaylah Captain

2:00-3:00 FULL

  1. Autumn Lewis
  2. Haley Crozier
  3. Ashleigh Wheeler
  4. Alexis Bordas
  5. Eva Whitlock

3:15-4:15 FULL

  1. Taylor Isaac
  2. Kensington Black
  3. Josie Rolfes
  4. Kelci Blair
  5. Sammi Sites