Info on the 2018-19 #PittsburghTop100

The Dabbelt Report, Ohio’s top girls’ basketball media outlet, and its’ Pittsburgh staff is excited to announce the release of the first ever #PittsburghTop100!

Because of the huge success and interest of the #PittsburghTop50 released in 2017-18, we were encouraged to expand our coverage area and release a #PittsburghTop100 this year. The coverage area for the #PittsburghTop100 encompasses schools in all of PIAA Districts 7, 8, and 10. Essentially covering the whole Western PA border of the PIAA.

We have been analyzing and evaluating players for the past year in their high school season, their AAU season, and in both our spring and fall #PittsburghTop100 events to come up with a ranking of the Top 100 girls’ high school basketball players in the region. The rankings also include any player outside the region that came in for a #PittsburghTop100 event because they wanted to compete for a chance to be ranked. This past year we had players come compete for a ranking from New York, Ohio, West Virginia, plus Central and Eastern PA.

The #PittsburghTop100 is loaded with talent for all levels of college basketball. While we do not rank incoming Freshmen, we have included a “Freshmen To Watch” list for the 2022 class. We have also included an “Others To Watch” portion of the #PittsburghTop100 for each class, to provide even more quality players in the region with the opportunity to take advantage of the exposure being created by the #PittsburghTop100.

There is also a section for the #PittsburghTop100 Next Generation. All players that attended our initial event for Classes 2023-2025 are included on this list. We appreciate the fact these players wanted to come compete, get better, and have fun on a Sunday in October. They are all deserving of the recognition, and we look forward to seeing many of them continue to grow their game and be part of future #PittsburghTop100 rankings.

Our goal is to create a bigger platform for girls’ basketball in Western Pennsylvania, with the hopes of providing more opportunities for girls’ basketball players in the region. As we expand our reach in Western Pennsylvania to bring more visibility to girls’ basketball in the region, the #PittsburghTop100 staff will also be involved in directing, promoting and covering camps, skills clinics, showcases, and tournaments in the region.

We are excited to tip off the 2018-19 season with the #PittsburghTop100, and hope all girls’ basketball players and teams in the Western PA region have a great season!