2019 Dabbs All-Freshman Team

2019 Dabbs All-Freshman Team

These are the top five freshman for this 2018-19 season.

Cotie McMahon, 5-9 Centerville- The most decorated and talented freshman in the area, Cotie was a key part in the major success that Centerville has enjoyed this season. She can do it all, score, rebound and defend. Aggressive player who can attack the rim with ease and score on anybody. The ceiling is unlimited for this talented freshman. Getting a lot of attention from the national “experts” for her strong play in the summer.

Meghan Downing, 6-2 Tri Village- Can compete with any freshman post player in Ohio. Can score at the rim, moves well with the ball, and has a good three-point shot when she needs to take it. Long and athletic, and can alter shots. Doesn’t have to score big every night with the firepower the Pats have. While the national guys rightfully praised McMahon, they missed this one.

Macie Taylor, 5-7, Troy- The leading scorer on Troy and one of the top five scorers in the GWOC. Macie is smooth on the floor, runs in transition, and can either attack the rim or bury the three. Instantly made Troy more competitive in the GWOC North, and was the top freshman in the North. Will be exciting to see her progress the next four years as she looks to help Troy challenge for their new league title.

Austy Miller, 5-7, Bradford- Miller rose to the occasion this season with Bradford as one of the top offensive players in the area. She can not only score, but gets her teammates involved, and when her sister suffered a season-ending injury, her game elevated which rose the play of her team. Good floor leader. Exciting to watch and will not back down to anyone. She makes her team better.

Angie Smith, 5-7, Yellow Springs- She has already set her pace for a 2,000-point career with over 500 as a freshman. Many opposing coaches love her game, and her future looks bright. Had led the Bulldogs to a .500 season and is the majority of her teams offense. Can get to the rim on nearly everyone, and continues to make herself a better player. Once she polishes her complete game, she will be a more complete player at the next level. Extremely athletic.